Wednesday, June 3, 2015

End Of An Era and a New Beginning

Hey All,

We've been fielding a lot of questions about CCVA missing from the web for the last month.

The long and short is that it takes money, time and people to make a forums keep going and we seem to be running short on all of the above.

We understand that for some, Facebook easy, while for others, Facebook and other social media just ain't happening.

We're in the process of formulating a game plan to bring back CCVA and hopefully with a little more zip!

At least for awhile, it'll remain CCVA, but we'd like to see it expand with the times and reflect more of the bike culture as a whole in and around RVA and Virginia.

Interested in lending a hand?  Want to lead rides?  Have an interest in posting content?
Maybe you just want to donate a few bucks to the cause.   Just let us know.

Meanwhile, we're slating for a July 1 return.

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals

2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals
This weekend, downtown Richmond.  From Friday, May 2 - Sunday, May 5th.
The collegiate cyclists will compete in four different races over this year’s three-day event:
Work or Live downtown?  Also checkout for road closures, etc! 
According to the RVANews article, towing enforcement will start as early as Thursday evening!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

New signage for JRPS speaks to all users with a simple message.

New signage for JRPS speaks to all users with a simple message. 

Personally, we love this sign!
It speaks to all users equally and asks all users asked to take responsibility for the trails that they enjoy!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shimano's ALL NEW M9000 XTR 11-speed Group! Redefining mountain bike technology...

Defined as the "New Rhythm" for both Race and Trail Riders, the New XTR M9000
Mountain Bike Components and Wheels

Shimano today introduced new XTR M9000, its most advanced XTR mountain bike components and wheels to date. With this totally new XTR line available in both Race and Trail “Rider Tuned” product families, Shimano leverages its 22 years of engineering leadership producing the industry’s highest performing mountain bike component group.
Inspired by the versatility and capability of today’s riders and the terrain they tackle,
M9000 offers refined and tested solutions engineered for the way they ride.
Drivetrain System: “Rhythm and range” define the 11-speed drivetrain
Shimano’s unrivalled legacy in producing bicycle drivetrains is evident with the XTR
M9000’s most notable rider benefit: ensuring pedaling rhythm. New XTR M9000
provides range and ensures rhythm for diverse riding styles and terrain to create
smooth, harmonic pedalling - the ultimate goal of a drivetrain.

Some teaser photos!

 The XTR CS-M9000 11-speed 11-40T cassette is the widest range cassette Shimano has ever produced and also it’s
most balanced. Thanks to its “rhythm step” progression, it maintains calculated,
shock-free gear steps from one gear to the next, saving riders energy and helping
maintain rhythm on the trail. Gearing: Rhythm step gear progression: 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40T.

 And how about new wheels, including mountain bike tubular!
Wheelsets: Shimano goes carbon with XTR Race and Trail wheels
The all-new XTR M9000 wheels mark a serious turning point for Shimano in premium
mountain bike wheel sets. They are Shimano’s most advanced mountain bike wheels to
date, and also the first featuring carbon laminate rim technology. New XTR M9000
series wheels are even more focused at each end of the spectrum, from ultra-light and
durable race wheels to all-mountain tuned trail wheels. All new XTR wheels use 28
butted spokes both front and rear and include a new lightweight bearing and axle
• WH-M9000-TL: Available in both a 27.5 and 29” option, the XTR M9000 Race
wheels have a 20mm internal rim width and a new UST tubeless carbon laminated
aluminum rim.
• WH-M9020-TL: Available in both a 27.5 and 29” option, the XTR M9020 Trail
wheels have an 24mm internal rim width and a new UST tubeless carbon laminated
aluminum rim.
• The WH-M9000-TU carbon tubular wheels offer the ultimate solution for XC racers,
in a 29” exclusively, ultra-light wheel set.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pro Tips to Flats

  • Place a few pumps of air into a tube prior to installing in tire.  This gives shape to a tube and which lets it lay easily in the rim and keeps the tube from getting pinched between tire and rim during the seating process.
  • Do different sized tires require different sized tubes? Yes & No.  There are 2 approaches to this problem.  
    • 1, Either carry the lowest common denominator of tube size for your bikes.  IE: A smaller "like" tube will expand to fill all of your needs.  I've been using 26" tubes in 29" wheels since day one and they will work just as well for 27.5/650b.  For it to work, you must stretch a smaller tube a little prior to installation.  
    • 2, Purchase a separate tube & bag for each bike that you own.  This can be a little more costly, but your bike is always ready for action and you know the equipment correct.
  • Practice, makes you faster! Just like training for an event, training for mishaps  should have the same priority as training to win.  Using patches, installing tubes, using Co2, etc.  Practice, practice, practice...
  • Carry Latex gloves. Latex gloves are light and easy to carry and the benefit will keep you hands clean.  During cold days they can keep your hands warm during the change out.  And if the unexpected happens, you will have gloves for medical situations. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shimano CM-1000 Sport POV Camera

Looks like Shimano is entering the game of cameras this Spring.   
Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera POV .    Set to ship around May, a stardard camera comes standard with the camera and lens cover, an adhesive mount and vented helmet mount, a USB cable and start up manual.

They  have some pretty cool features on the camera too. 
-HD movies and still photos.  
-Built in 2 angle feature 135° and super wide 180° modes, 
-90° increment auto-image rotation allows users to flip the camera in multiple directions and maintain a horizontal image plane.
-Waterproof to 10 meters out of the box, without need for an external case.  
-F2.0 lens is said to excel in low-light conditions.
-Wifi connectivity and works with its own iOS and Android smartphone apps, which allow live views, video playback, remote adjustments to camera settings and shot framing.
- Just 86 grams

BONUS: It also uses ANT+ and ANT wireless connections to transmit data from bicycle computers and accessories and the new Shimano D-Fly wireless Di2 transmitter which will  show cycling data in its captured videos.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

IMBA Trail Care Crew coming back to RVA

Friends of Pocahantas S.P. is stoked to announce that they'll have an I.M.B.A. Trailcare Crew heading to PSP on March 29th.  

This should be a kickoff for the push of the new trails for Project2015.

Mark you calendars, these are Huge-Goals that will take Huge-Volunteer turnouts to make happen!

We'll post more as information becomes available...