Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Richmond-MORE & Westview on the James create MOU.

RA MORE / Westview Cooperation

A verbal MOU agreement has been reached between the property owners/land managers of Westview On the James and Richmond-MORE for trail development on their land.

Notable facts:
~ Ed Jones, AKA "Cycle'sEd" fantastic trail building at Camp Brady was the reason Westview approached the club about such a co-op.

~ Greg Rollins and Steve Hodson are the duo working on behalf of Richmond-MORE to develop this plan with Westview, as well as design and develop the trails on the land.

~This project has been in the works for approximately 1.5 yrs and still has much more work to come.

~ Opportunities for Richmond-MORE members as well as the general public to get involved will be coming up in the future.

In the up coming month the club will be taking a property survey of the property, so Stay Tuned!

Last minute info and chat about this topic: Ra-MORE/Westview Trail MOU.

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