Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trail News Update:

The "Stairway to Heaven" project on the North Bank Trail is now complete!

After fighting off the rains each weekend over the past 2 months, Richmond-MORE was able to put the final touches on the project last weekend.

If you haven't been able to ride this section yet, Nathan Burrell informed us that approximately 450' of rock armoring and crib-wall was installed along the climb corridor to fix the erosion issues of that have crept up over the years from a combination of steep terrain, heavy use, and very sandy soil conditions.

Update on Forest Hill Park Project

This project is being billed as an extensive revamp of the FHP trail system. It will involve removal of a lot of current trail as well as the building of new trail.

This is a City Project and is now fully funded with all involved parties now signed off after a recent comprehensive walk through meeting with Nathan Burrell.

During the revamp, all of the FHP trails will be closed for a time span of approximately 4 months; starting in mid-Jan to late-April.

As always, you help will be needed to make this project happen and finish on time!

Info. will come as it becomes available.

On Other News:
Poor Farm Park has been all the talk lately with the laying of blue markers in the "Flats" that show where Henrico Co. plans to install new ball fields by the Spring 2010.

Some of CCVA members recently attended a Public Meeting about Poor Farm's recent developments. It's being reported that only the land East of the "gravel road" and between the school will be developed at this time and will be cleared to make way for 4 new rectangle fields and some additional parking.

A playground has already been installed in this area. A very promising development to this story is that there will be enough wooded land left around the fields to install a perimeter trail which can link up to the existing trails and Henrico is interested in listening to an idea of installing a "Pump Track" near this area too!

Pocahontas State Park is under major budget cuts, so night rides at PSP will not being happening until at least early Spring 2010 when the staffing increases. This is yet one more reason to support PSP by purchasing park passes!!!

Friends of PSP announced that currently there are no new plans to expand the mountain bike trails at PSP; but there is some trailcare being done at this time and is being led my Richard Garyantes.

Richard has been planing some reroutes of the Red and Double Red trails that will help increase flow while provide opportunity to added some more technical trail features.

Check the forums for the latest news, schedules, and details for all of the above trailcare.

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