Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hey All-

I good friend to CCVA an avid outdoors person today notice what might be a real issue to the state Powhite Park.

The long and short of it is that there may be the possibility of logging to property adjacent to Powhite Park. This may have a devastating effect on park itself and we'd like to ask local residents to please take the time to email the City of Richmond to voice concern.

Here is the link to Kathy Graziano's office. Please email or call if you have any concerns. Obviously, the bigger the response, hopefully the more attention it'll get==> kathygraziano.com

Here is a link to the whole thread with better explanations of what it happening in the park.
CCVA Thread

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Gregorykg said...

About 11-13 trees per acre have been marked w/ blue paint in the Bliley tract for sale. The pink ribbons mark the Bliley boundary. I have also marked the boundary trees w/ pink paint. No clear cutting will occur. The timber consultant let us know about it and will let us know when they are scheduled to be cut. We’ll keep youall posted.

Wyn Price o) 646-0194 f) 646-0144 -Richmond Parks,Recreation & Community Facilities,Bryan Park Keepers House ,4308 Hermitage Rd. Richmond, VA 23227-3745